Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Cruise

1. Choose to cruise for Value
One price buys accommodations, entertainment, dining and more

2. Choose to cruise for Romance
A honeymoon or an anniversary are just some of the romantic reasons to cruise

3. Choose to cruise for Cuisine
Tantalize you taste buds with gourmet fare that showcases exotic cuisines and ingredients or old standbys.

4. Choose to cruise for Variety
Hundreds of distinctive ships, world wide ports and an array of places to see and things to do

5. Choose to cruise for Activities
Fill your days with sightseeing, sports, spa, cultural lectures, educational tours, or relax by the pool or at the spa.
Nights are full of entertainment or quiet star gazing

6. Choose to cruise for Simplicity
Hassle free, unpack one time.

7. Choose to cruise for New Horizons
Fall asleep in one destination and awake in a new destination

8. Choose to cruise for Family
Children's programs, kid friendly menus, a variety of activities keep the kids happy and afford you some well deserved time to relax

9. Choose to cruise for Pampering
Regardless of your budget all cruise lines pamper their guest with first class service around the clock

10. Choose the cruise for Satisfaction
Cruises have the among the highest percentage of satisfied customers of all vacation experiences.

Choose to cruise for YOU.


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- Seabourn

   - Viking River Cruises

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