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      Welcome to Grand Pineapple Beach Resort the authentic Caribbean for Everyone!
      The real Caribbean is waiting for you to experience its unhurried charm at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril and Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua.
Silky white sand beaches, translucent turquoise waves make this a great place to relax. Colorful accommodations nestled amidst lush flowering gardens. Abundantly delicious food served up beneath the deep blue of the tropical sky. Truly these two resorts in Jamaica and Antigua are among the most affordable getaways in the entire Caribbean.

     Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua

An Island of Infinite Charms

The isle of Antigua bedazzles all visitors to its fair shores with its 365 sugary white sand beaches (one for every day of the year), its translucent teal seas, its colorful British Colonial past, its vibrant, modern-day Caribbean culture and its happening nightlife, complete with Vegas-style casinos.

Over 25 Acres of Pure Vacation Fun

 Imagine a tropical hideaway where the beach curves in a perfect 1,600 foot arc of brilliant, powdery white sand, enclosing a bay with aquamarine water so clear it literally takes your breath away. Picture an idyllic spot, beneath the blazing tropical sun, where quaint Caribbean-style accommodations sit tucked in amidst 25 acres of luxuriant foliage and vivid aromatic blooms. Envision a place where families can frolic together in the warm ocean waves and engage in a seemingly endless parade of super-fun activities. Welcome to Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua.

Dining Options Galore

Hours and hours of cavorting in the surf, playing beach volleyball or just soaking in the suns rays can certainly work up an appetite. Well, at Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua we've got you covered-from piquant Mexican food to rich Italian pastas and from savory Caribbean barbecue to overflowing buffet spreads, your hunger will have met its match. Don't miss the funky and famous Outhouse, our eccentric eatery perched atop a cliff with a stunning view of the ocean stretching out to touch forever.

       Grand Pineapple Beach Negril

 Nestled amidst lush greenery, swaying palm trees and manicured lawns, featuring whimsical, vividly hued architecture and a prime spot on one of the world's most beloved beaches, every inch of Grand Pineapple Beach Negril invites you to submerge yourself completely in the heart and soul of the tropics. Dig your toes into sugary white sands. Stroll aimlessly through luscious, scent-laden foliage. Lose all track of time in this intimate getaway, as you swim endlessly in sparkling turquoise waters. Experience the very essence of the islands at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril

A Magical Island Retreat

Pull up a lounge chair in the silky sand mere steps from the crystal-clear waters of the aquamarine sea. Sip a frosty fruit-infused concoction as you bask in the golden sunshine. Enter a charmed environment blooming with fragrantly exotic flowers. Claim this corner of paradise for your very own

A Cornucopia of Choices

Dine on delicious specialties expertly prepared by our chefs. Spike, set or serve your way to volleyball victory. Sail out at sunset upon a magenta-tinged sea. Or simply close your eyes and let the balmy sea breezes wash over you, as you melt into the sound of waves lapping the shore.

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Traveling With Phyllis

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